Cobra King Golden C-Ring


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Cobra King Golden C-Ring – Surprise your partner with this royal Cobra King ring! With a gold cobra snake as the ring and glowing red eja, they will be impressed by the stunning serpent in front of them – and it makes your trouser snake look good, too! Its not only something beautiful to behold, it helps you keep an erection longer so you can enjoy enhanced sexual experienes. Made of zinc alloy, the metal is nickel-free for sensitive skin. Each red eye is made of acrylic. The ring is designed to be evenly weighted so it can stay comfortably in place on the center of your shaft with the cobra head standing up as much as your own serpent stays erect! To clean it, simply use water and mild soap after every use and spray with a toy cleaner.Because it is made of metal, this sexy snake is compatible with any lubricant type. Grab some lube and slide this onto a semi-erect or flaccid dong, slipping each testicle in and then pulling the shaft through after. Adjust so the cobra is facing up and stroke yourself so you get erect. The constriction ring helps maintain your hard-on longer so you can enjoy a longer solo or partnered session. Add a little spice into your play by running the ring under hot or cold water before wearing it to add in temperature play!Measurements: Overall length: 3.34 inches, Inner diameter: 1.77 inches (45mm)Materials: Zinc alloy, acrylicColor: Gold, RedNote: Metal is nickel-free. Compatible with all lubricant types.Key Features:Stunning Cobra Design: This gold cobra with red eja will look stunning on your shaft and make you look like royalty!Erection Enhancing: The constriction ring helps increase blood in the phallus so you can stay erect for longer.Evenly Weighted Ring: The evenly weighted ring helps keep the cobra face up on your shaft for the best and sexiest presentation and comfortable wear!Temperature Sensitive and Nickel-Free Metal: Warm up or cool down the nickel-free metal by running it under warm or cool water before wearing.

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