- Leather Parachute Ball Stretcher

- Leather Parachute Ball Stretcher
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Made from quality leather, this parachute wraps around at the base of your balls and secures using 2 snaps. Once put on, there are three chains that hang from the parachute and connect to a metal ring at the bottom where you can place a weight and start stretching those balls out! This allows you to for the weight to be evenly distributed so there will not be more weight on any one side.
- Afmeting verpakking : 28,4cm x 9,8cm x 5,4cm
- Gewicht incl verpakking : 233gr
- Fabrikant : XR Brands
- Serie :
- Geproduceerd in : China
- Artikelcode fabrikant : ST210
- EAN : 811847013647
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XR Brands


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