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Bathmate - Bathmate Hydro Rocket douche

  • Bathmate - Bathmate Hydro Rocket douche
  • Bathmate - Bathmate Hydro Rocket douche

Bathmate - Bathmate Hydro Rocket douche


Artikelcode: 5060140200819
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The Bathmate Hydro Rocket is a personal hygiene device, designed to be used in the shower as a compliment to your personal cleansing routine.
With an ergonomic, easy-squeeze 325ml capacity bulb and innovative non-return valve to prevent water returning back to the bulb, thus eliminating any chance of contamination, you can be sure of a thorough hygienic clean.
The fully detachable nozzle and flat-bottom base makes cleaning your Hydro Rocket simple. Simply remove the nozzle and rinse with hot water, then spray with Bathmate Clean, a misting toy cleaner formulated specifically for safe cleaning of silicone rubber and latex. The Hydro Rocket comes in a discreet bag for safe storage after use.
The Hydro Rocket is as simple to use as it is effective. Simply remove the nozzle and fill the bulb with luke-warm water, replace the nozzle the douche is now ready to use.
The Hydro Rocket is made using only skin-safe tested materials, ensuring safe, hygienic use, this really is the must-have essential for clean, confident play.Plastic and rubber
- Afmeting verpakking : 18cm x 11cm x 11cm
- gewicht incl verpakking : 425gr
- Fabrikant : Bathmate
- Serie : Bathmate
- Artikelcode fabrikant : BM-HD-RD
- EAN : 5060140200819

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