Ass Gasm Cockring Plug

  • Ass Gasm Cockring Plug
  • Ass Gasm Cockring Plug
  • Ass Gasm Cockring Plug

Ass Gasm Cockring Plug

Anal Fantasy Collection

Artikelcode: 603912332193
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Ass Gasm Cockring Plug : Enjoy the most explosive ejaculations ever with the Ass-Gasm Cockring Plug. Made entirely from our silky-smooth Elite Silicone?, this wearable plug doubles as a performance-enhancing cockring, allowing the wearer to prolong ejaculation and extend the fun while enjoying incredible prostate stimulation. With the Ass-Gasm in your ass and the ring wrapped snug around your cock, you'll stay harder and stronger than ever before! The super-stretchy silicone ring puts the squeeze on performance letdowns, maintaining firm erections that last and last! The round, smooth head makes entry and retrieval a snap, while the thin, tapered shaft ensures the plug will stay in place between your cheeks when the action heats up. Place the ring around the base of your cock and balls and wear it all day
- Materiaal : Silicone
- Kleur : Zwart
- Waterproof
- Latex Free
- Glijmiddel vriendelijk
- Phthalate Free / Weekmaker Vrij
- Gewicht incl. verpakking : gram
- Afmetingen verpakking : cm x cm x cm
- Fabrikant : Pipedream Products Inc
- Serie : Anal Fantasy Collection
- Geproduceerd in China
- Artikel code fabrikant : PD4623-23
- EAN : 603912332193

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